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Spirit of America is always happy to help enhance the educational experience for a child in need. Luckily, we have had several opportunities recently to do just that. We currently have backpacks with school supplies en route to SPC Kevin Christoffersen in Iraq. He is stationed in a very small rural area and looks forward to handing out the backpacks to the children saying:

"It's always great to see the smiles on the kids and their parents faces when we hand them out them as little as a small piece of candy."

Also en route are 1000 backpacks to LTC John Boyle stationed in Afghanistan. After the happy response received from the children when LTC Boyle distributed backpacks previously, he could not wait to request more to hand out!

Lastly, Chaplain Shannon Philio in Iraq returned from R&R to the school supplies and soccer balls we sent to him! He will not be distributing the items until the beginning of October as explained in his following email:

"Ramadan is the 9th month of the Muslim Calendar. It began 1 September and ends at the end of the month. During this month, Muslims fast. They can't eat or drink, including water, frmo sunrise to sunset. School is on break during Ramadan. I'll deliver the supplies to the school upon their return in October. I'll take pictures and share with you. Thanks again to you and Spirit of America."

We look forward with anticipation to receive the pictures from each one of these distributions and can't wait to share them with you as well!

No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense or its personnel is intended or implied.