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As part of our project, Support US Special Ops Forces in Africa,we posted a request from Captain Tim Matthews serving in Djibouti.  Thanks to your  donations to our outreach efforts in the Horn of Africa, SoA was able to send over 1,000 school backpacks filled with supplies which are starting to arrive just in time for the opening of new school buildings in the area.

Schools, the actual building structures to house classrooms and children, are not the norm in many parts of the world where classes are held outside or in tents in the best of circumstances.  But Captain Matthews unit in Djibouti has built school and a library for the children in this area. Those new school facilities along with the school supplies sent from SoA will make this a memorable start to the school year for these kids.

The message below from Cpt. Matthews along with the wonderful pictures he shared tell the story better than we can so read on!

"Yes, the school supplies have started to come in!  We received 275 backpacks, 504 packs of filler paper and 336 pencil boxes.  My mail clerk says there is more coming so I don't have a final count yet.The timing has been perfect. My replacement, Captain Chris Crim, has arrived and we were able to start distributing the supplies during the first week of school.  It provided us with a great outreach opportunity, the students were excited and the teachers were extremely appreciative.As a teacher myself, it made me miss the beginning of school back in the states - but your generosity really makes a difference here. The Marines here continue to work with the local village schools.  We finished building the library in Douda and a middle school from the states sent some books.  We painted the primary school in Douda and we are scheduled to paint another school this month.  I will write more tomorrow.  I have included some of the initial pictures from our distribution in Nagat."
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Military and Educators
Matthews and kids
Girl with school kit
African Boy receives new school kit
Girls with backpacks
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