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vest one

Afghani policemen wearing their new bullet-proof vests

The military have requested bullet-proof vests and helmets for training the Iraqi and Afghani Army and Police. Last year, Captain John Skipper of the Redondo Beach, California Police Department collected 600 bullet-proof vests to protect Afghanistan Police Forces. Captain Skipper came to Spiriti of America for assistance in shipping these vests. The first shipment was so successful and appreciated by Afghani Police that SoA will partner with Captain Skipper on an ongoing basis to provide security equipment for local Afghanistan law enforcement.

Spirit of America is currently shipping another 300 vests for John Skipper. This will be for a Phase II shipment. Spirit of America is starting a new donation drive. We are doing this so we can assist John by again providing freight to Afghanistan for this vital equipment. A bullet-proof vest is a very personal gift. It rightfully conveys to an Afghan policeman the sentiment that Americans recognize and honor the sacrifice that he is making to protect his country and to secure a better future for himself and the next generation. Consider helping us make more friends by making a donation to support this Phase II project.

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Original Request

After 9/11, Capt. Skipper was invited to be part of a local committee involving law enforcement officials and others tasked with forming ideas of what they could do to combat terrorism. Those meetings sparked Skipper to create an organization to reach out to security forces in areas throughout the Middle East to better equip them to undertake the daunting task of fighting terrorists...on their home turf. As part of his efforts of outreach to police forces, Skipper worked with agencies through the California area to secure 600 bullet-proof vests to provide to local law enforcement officers in Kabul, Afghanistan. Once Captain Skipper secured the vests, he contacted Spirit of America to help with transporting the vests to the courageous officers in Afghanistan. SoA recognizes the vitally important role that local security forces play in safeguarding not only their own citizens but in being the front line of defense in the war on terrorism. Spirit of America is honored to contribute to this worthwhile mission to protect those who put their lives on the line every day to protect others. Capt. Skipper personally traveled to Kabul to participate in a ceremony attended by the Afghan Minister of the Interior, members of the US Police Anti-Terrorism Task Force and personnel from the Afghan Police forces to deliver the vests.

vest two

 US Policeman John Skipper with the Afghan Policemen

Skipper and his group were hosted by U.S. State Dept. and Dept. of Justice police trainers. These are mostly retired U.S. police officers contracted to State and DOJ. They are training and advising the Afghan National Police. The ceremony was held at the "Model" police station in Kabul. John writes of his experience "the thing that struck me most was the appreciation showed by the Afghan police. This was not only a practical success in terms of delivering needed equipment, but had great psychological impact in letting the Afghan people know that the American people cared about their needs and developing their country."


This project is fully funded. Thank you.

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Shipped donated safety gear to Kabul Training Center. Total monetary donations $ 6,253. Total in-kind donations $11,000. Total received $17,253. Total spent $16,985. Transferred remaining $268 to Afghanistan Fund.

Use of Funds

We are a 501c3 nonprofit and your donation is tax deductible. 100% of all project donations will be used for direct project expenses (i.e., purchase and shipping of the needed goods and services). We do not deduct fees or expenses for organization overhead. Those expenses are funded separately. Donations in excess of a project's need will be offered a refund.


No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense or its personnel is intended or implied.