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As we are getting close to the wire and are 5 days from leaving the States, there was a lot of moving pieces occurring today. Roger and Rachael gave Toby and I an intricate  explanation of the School Partners/ Afghanistan program.

Building off the success of the April 2011 event that brought the Windward School in Los Angeles together with the Kodoala Drab School in Helmand Province through a video teleconference, we would like to find at least 10 more schools in the US and Kandahar Province, respectively, to repeat the success of that earlier event. We went over a ton of info all stemming from the central objective of the program of creating a genuine connection between Afghan and American school kids by letting them actually meet each other. This seeks to overcome negative generalizations that they may have picked up about one another from outside sources. Key to this is understanding the technology that Spirit of America has acquired to make this happen. We have Satellite hookups, webcams, computers, and a whole slew of hardware and software alike that Toby and myself went over today to see how we can establish a link between the schools. But the technology is only one part. We also went over some timelines and schedules we have planned for now to encourage interaction between the students and truly give vice versa a peek into each others lives. Tomorrow should be pretty exciting since we will be in Topanga Canyon to get some sunshine on us and test the the satellite technology and the rest of the hardware and software in a Field Training Exercise of sorts. We should be getting some great pictures of us in action as well.

No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense or its personnel is intended or implied.