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SoA Gear Saves Lives


In this blog:

  • How binoculars, cameras and metal detectors from Spirit of America helped our troops help Afghan police find 51 roadside bombs and save "numerous lives."
  • Warm clothing needed to help a US Army team help Afghan schoolchildren.
  • Material needed to help US Special Operations team build goodwill and a footbridge in an Afghan village.

SoA gear saves lives, finds 51 roadside bombs
Afghan police working with US Special Operations teams in Zabul Province provide security along critical roads. The US teams train and mentor the Afghan police. They told us the Afghan police needed binoculars to detect attacks earlier and cameras to document roadside bombs so the bombs could then be cleared quickly and safely. With your help Spirit of America provided the binoculars and cameras and the US Team Leader – an Army Captain – just gave us this report.

"The donors of Spirit of America provided 8 pairs of binoculars and two cameras to the Afghan Local Police. These supplies enabled the ALP to find more than 40 IEDs and vastly improve the security in the region. These supplies have contributed to saving numerous lives." IEDs are Improvised Explosive Devices or roadside bombs.

Here is one Afghan policeman using binoculars from SoA.

ALP with binos 400x

In a different part of Afghanistan a US Army team told us that Afghan police needed metal detectors to find and disable roadside bombs. With help from SoA supporters, we provided them. The Army Captain told us "[Afghan police]Checkpoints are using them and I just visited a checkpoint with 2 metal detectors and they had found about 11 IEDs [roadside bombs]."

Here are Afghan police being trained to use the SoA-provided metal detectors.

metal detector 400x

Help Army with warm clothing for Afghan schoolchildren
A US Army Civil Affairs team in western Kandahar, Afghanistan told us school-age children need winter clothing to stay in school during the winter months. The team explained, "When weather becomes too cold, children will not leave their homes to attend school. Encouraging attendance is critically important, especially for the 160 older male children who attend. School provides these children with an alternative to joining the Taliban and this is why a district wide effort to keep children consistently attending school is being implemented."

warm winter clothing school kid 400x

160 sets of winter clothing are needed. A set costs $24.60 and includes shoes, socks, gloves and a winter jacket. We will buy them in Afghanistan and have them delivered immediately. Please give here.

Help a US team build goodwill and a footbridge
A US Special Operations team wants to build goodwill with villagers in Zabul by helping them build a footbridge over this flood-prone river.

Shinkai Bridge-1 400x 2

One of the US team members wrote to us: "There is a low water crossing that is currently the only means of crossing the river. During the spring, the water level increases and the low water crossing becomes unusable. There are many villages north of the river that need to cross the river in order to get to the local bazaar for supplies ... We have the manpower [local Afghans] and the motivation; only the supplies are needed."

We need $3500 for materials to help the US team and the Afghan villagers build the bridge they need. Please give here.

Please visit our Project Seeking Donations page to see the other projects that need your help.

Thank you,
The Spirit of America team