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Army Team Fills Critical Blanket Shortfall

One of the main tasks for US troops in Afghanistan is assisting with the training and transfer of authority to Afghan National Security forces. Along with the Afghan National Army, these Army training teams also assist the Afghan Uniformed Police (AUP). In the Kandahar district of Maiwand, the AUP have an especially challenging task. Maiwand district is on the border of the poppy-rich province of Helmand. This means that Maiwand is an important hub for criminals that move drugs into Kandahar. The AUP in Maiwand must therefore be strong enough to counter this criminal network.

Fry Safiullah_Patrolman

1LT Garry Fry, AUP Logistics advisor with the Maiwand SFAT, poses with radio operator Saifullah

Lt Fry, who is a US Army logistics advisor to the AUP, contacted me recently. He explained how disruptions in the Afghan logistics system had meant that AUP were being sent to this difficult district of Maiwand without adequate supplies. He therefore wanted to see if Spirit of America might assist him with a shortfall of blankets until the Afghan logistics system was functioning more smoothly. After the project had been completed, an AUP radio operator named Saifullah said,

Thank you for the blankets, Spirit of America. The winter days have been cold, forcing us to share one blanket with 4 other men. Your donations will go a long way for our health and morale. It is good to know that when our supply runs into difficulties, there are good people out there willing to assist. Thank you.


Logistics officer Najib and fuel officer Bashir distribute blankets to the checkpoint commands of Maiwand. The AUP Company Commanders will further issue blankets to their respective checkpoints

With the assistance of donor support to Spirit of America, SoA was able to fill a critical shortfall in Afghan police capabilities. Thank you for your generosity in helping to keep the police warm and safe during winter months. This helps US troops accomplish their mission of strengthening Afghan governance.

Jim Misencik
Afghanistan Field Rep