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Extending the Vision of Afghan Local Police

In the isolated rural district of Ghorak in northwestern Kandahar, Afghan Local Police watch over a series of villages located between two mountain ranges. Far from the city, during the night time one feels as if they can see every star in the sky.

ALP with_binos

Afghan Local Police surveying the scene

Local leaders in the district played an important role supporting GIRoA after the fall of the Taliban regime. Currently, GIRoA continues to increase its presence in the district through small-scale development projects and through the full support of the local police forces. US troops assist with the training and mentoring of these police and government officials as they reinforce their authority in the district. With the binoculars that Spirit of America donors provided, police are now better able to understand activities that they witness from a much greater distance. Their extended sight helps them better distinguish between the normal patterns of life and potential criminal activity. As a result, reporting insurgent activity is becoming more accurate and consistent.

Thank you for your generosity and assistance in helping to expand the blanket of security that local police are providing. This in turn keeps US troops safe by helping them accomplish their mission of strengthening Afghan governance through heightened security.

Jim Misencik
Afghanistan Field Rep