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Improving the Ability to Identify Insurgents

Western Kandahar is the location where the Taliban movement originated during the 1990s. As such, it is a highly contested area where civilian leadership and governance is still deepening its roots. Recently, a civil affairs team leader spoke with me to explain the gratitude that the Afghans had expressed to her for the winter clothing provided by Spirit of America donors. She explained that a mission conducted the day prior had been a success due in part to this clothing. She wrote,

We would like to thank every one that donated to Spirit of America, without them we couldn't have made this happen...the Afghan forces work hard and are the first ones to clear out improvised explosive devices...for their whole team, they only have funds up to 100 dollars for warm clothing which would only get them a few items. With winter here, they needed warm clothing because they are conducting night operations. It gets extremely cold and they didn't have any warm clothing. A lack of warm clothing negatively affects their morale and low morale can lead to inattention and mistakes. Any mistakes on their part could cost us lives.

CMRG Cropped

Afghan security forces receiving Spirit of America donations before they depart on their mission to search for explosive devices

Thanks to the generosity of Spirit of America donors, US troops are safer because Afghan forces are more effective.

Jim Misencik
Afghanistan Field Rep