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Making Afghan Roads Safer

Spirit of America recently received some positive feedback on a project we undertook to reduce the threat of roadside bombs and landmines in southern Afghanistan. As you may recall, the Afghan security forces in Zhari District, Kandahar Province, were subject to near constant attacks from these IEDs but lacked the means to find them before they detonated – this resulted in catastrophic casualties. The US Army team working with the police reached out to Spirit of America to see if we could provide assistance.

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Thanks to your extremely generous donations, we were able to rapidly provide fifty simple metal detectors to serve as an interim measure against these attacks. After an initial training period to ensure that the Afghan Army and police could operate the devices properly, the US team distributed them to checkpoints throughout the volatile district. From the checkpoints, the security forces both monitor Zhari roadways and launch patrols to deter insurgent activity.

The metal detectors have proven their worth on these patrols. The US Army advisor told us that at one checkpoint they equipped with two detectors, the police recently found eleven IEDs. Thanks to your support, instead of sustaining significant casualties, the Afghan police were able to locate and dispose of the bombs. This makes Zhari District safer not only for the security forces and the general population as a whole, but for the American soldiers who work there as well.

Isaac Eagan
Field Representative