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Facilitating Rule of Law in Maiwand District

We recently responded to a need identified by a US Army team working in Maiwand District, a remote area in western Kandahar Province. The lead investigator at the District Police Center there, Sher Zaman, is very busy working to improve the way crimes such as insurgent attacks are investigated and prosecuted. His duties include running criminal investigations and processing suspects and evidence, all of which generate a lot of paperwork, especially given the Afghan justice system's new emphasis on evidence-based investigation.

Unfortunately, Sher Zaman had no way to duplicate the many hand-written reports and other documents that are an integral part of these investigations. He was forced to copy every page by hand using carbon paper – a very laborious, time-consuming process. With all the work he had to do, it was very easy to fall behind simply because he lacked an efficient way to generate copies of his paperwork.

Maiwand copier

When the US team told us about this issue, Spirit of America was able to provide a simple, sustainable remedy. We procured a small copier for which replacement ink and paper are readily available at the local market. When the copier was delivered, the Army advisor said that "Sher Zaman proudly showed it off [and] was really excited and expressed his thanks to Spirit of America." With this new tool, he will be able to process cases much more quickly, thereby helping bring more criminals to justice and making Maiwand a safer place for both the local population and the US troops stationed there.

Isaac Eagan
Field Representative