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Repaired Water Pumps for Afghan Communities

In a key district of Zabul Province, US troops working with villagers and the police identified two unfulfilled needs that they asked Spirit of America for assistance on. These needs included pump repairs and GPS devices.


First, the police from these areas had been unable to accurately identify the locations of crime scenes and report this information to their headquarters. Therefore, GPS devices were donated to assist the police in there day-to-day operations. The team responsible for training these police officers wrote "Thanks to the donations of GPS devices from Spirit of America, the Afghan National Police (ANP) and Afghan National Army (ANA) are able to navigate safely in the District and mark locations for future operations. Both the ANP and ANA were very thankful to have this technology to help them further their defense of the District. This new addition to their inventory allows the Afghan Forces to report activity in exact locations."

water pump

Secondly, the communities that these Afghan security forces come from have for a long time now not been able to fix their water pumps. After a grant from Spirit of America, local water pumps in the area were repaired. US troops recently wrote me the following messge: "thanks to the help of Spirit of America, we were able to solve the problem of inoperative hand pumps. Not only were we able fix the pumps, but we held classes on how the locals could repair them too. The villagers were very happy that the pumps now work after 10 long years. More well repairs are planned for the future. Thanks SoA!!!"

Thanks to your generous support, US troops are able to better fulfill their missions.

Field Rep

Jim Misencik

No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense or its personnel is intended or implied.