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Supporting Afghan Local Police

The ALP program (ALP) has been very successful in Maruf district. The Afghan communities that join the program have reaped the benefits of security and prosperity. Villages of Maruf district, Kandahar province have been attacked by Insurgents several times in the last few months as Insurgents attempt to prevent the expansion of the ALP in Maruf district. The village elders decided to take a stand and reached out to the Maruf District Chief of Police and coalition forces (CF) for security assistance against the encroaching Insurgent threat. The men of the villages risked leaving their homes and families to begin the required three-week training program to join the ALP at the Maruf District Center. The men trained diligently on a variety of skills and topics to include: basic rifle marksmanship, improvised explosive device detection and identification, small unit tactics, communications, escalation of force, and the Afghanistan Constitution. During the training the CF training team identified a shortage of tactical radios for the new ALP members to train with and utilize once they return to their villages. The CF training team contacted Spirit of America and requested radios to support the current ALP training and future security operations. Spirit of America was extremely responsive in fielding the request. Within a week of receiving the request for radios, Spirit of America provided 1 radio per 15 ALP members for a total of ten radios. The CF training team and the Maruf District Chief of Police were extremely impressed with how quickly the request was fielded and sent out to the team. The CF training team utilized the radios as training aids for the new ALP class and distributed the radios to the ALP after the ALP graduation ceremony.

Your generous donations directly contributed to the success of training the ALP and contributed directly to improving the security and quality of life of the people of Maruf District, Kandahar province. Thank you for your support.

No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense or its personnel is intended or implied.