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A Women's Shura in TK, Uruzgan

As part of an ongoing effort to support women's initiatives in Afghanistan, SoA recently supported another shura, this time in the Uruzgan Province. At the end of last month, the PRT Female Engagement Team (FET) hosted a young woman, named Fatema, who is a pillar of the community and has worked with the coalition forces for a few years now. She is a nurse by trade but has also conducted training classes for women in the area and helped facilitate courses on sewing and literacy for 45 females back in May/June.


The gathering was an opportunity for the incoming FET members to meet with some of the women in the district of Tarin Kot. Fatema's father escorted her to the meeting along with her sister and three students from her sewing and literacy program. Fortunately, her father has been very supportive of her cause to elevate the status of women in Afghanistan. After everyone shared a meal that was funded by SoA, the new FET Officer in Charge distributed 7 sewing machines and several boxes of fabric and thread to the girls so that they could take them home and either make clothes for their families or sew items to sell in the local bazaar.


Overall, this event proved to be very beneficial. Not only did it offer the new team a chance to connect with determined women in the community and discuss potential projects, but it also allowed them to engage in fellowship over a welcoming and traditional meal. The FET is very interested in continuing to support Fatema's development efforts for females. Right now, they are looking into helping her start an NGO so that she would have greater access to funding from USAID and the military to further her cause and enable more women in the province. Hopefully, in the near future SoA will be able to provide assistance with these endeavors as well.

Chrissy Burbach
Afghanistan Field Rep

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