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Giving a Clinic Hope

The other day I visited a clinic in Kandahar with a Civil Affairs Team as well as a Cultural Support Team (all female group supporting Special Operations Forces) to conduct assessments and to drop off some of the medical supplies generously donated by a couple of SoA's NGO partners, Giving Children Hope and Medical Bridges. These included essential items like surgical and exam gloves, IV kits, underpads, and walkers. We were able to take a quick tour and sit down with some of the employees to discuss issues pertaining to the center over hot cups of chai.

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Currently, this facility cares for several hundred patients a month to include men, women, and children. They can only provide basic care as it is a small establishment with 1 doctor, 1 nurse, 1 pharmacist, and limited resources. A man from the village built this clinic on his own private property in order to have the sick treated without having to travel too far away. Right now the NGO Afghan Health and Development Services provides them with minimal medicines and provisions, but it is not always enough for the number of people the staff sees. Regardless, the employees are very committed to their craft and maintain a highly organized operation as they showed us the records they keep on every person who comes in seeking help as well as every medication prescribed.

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The clinic is comprised of a small hardened building with an adjacent tent so there are not a lot of amenities. SoA may potentially assist with further projects here in order to improve the quality of care. A main focus is installing solar panels to provide illumination in the evenings. That way they could handle administrative tasks later in the day but more importantly see people who come in at night. The employees were very grateful for the donated goods and truly appreciate any future assistance that we may be able to give in order to help them treat the sick in the surrounding villages.

Chrissy Burbach
Afghanistan Field Rep

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