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Dirt bikes and Cleft Palate Surgery


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• Successful cleft palate surgery for Afghan boy and girl identified by American Soldiers.
Two dirt bikes needed to help US Army Special Operations Forces and Afghan Police.

A few weeks ago, US Special Operations Soldiers told us about an Afghan boy and girl (brother and sister) in a remote village where our Soldiers serve. The children had two of the worst cases of cleft palate the Special Forces medics had seen. Our Soldiers arranged for the siblings to have their condition corrected free of charge by CURE in Kabul.

But the children and their father needed the funds to travel to Kabul and stay during the surgery. We asked you and in an hour we had the funds they needed.

The surgery was a success. Here is the before and after of the sister.

AFG Cleft_palata_Dor254E74

Why does this matter? The Afghan boy and girl will clearly have better lives. And, doing good and seeing the impact bolsters the morale of our troops. More broadly, in Afghanistan's tribal culture where so much depends on relationships, an act of goodwill like this builds the trust and credibility that makes the Special Operations team safer and more successful.

TWO DIRT BIKES ARE NEEDED: Help US Special Operations and Afghan security
Spirit of America is providing support to US Special Operations teams in the south of Afghanistan (the provinces along the border with Pakistan). A top priority of these teams is training and mentoring Afghan Local Police so that the Afghans are able to provide their own security.

Please help us buy two dirt bikes: total cost $2,630. Here's why.

A US Special Operations teams told us that dirt bikes were needed for their Afghan police partners. The dirt bikes allow the Afghans to go off road, cover more ground more quickly, disrupt insurgent ambushes and improve security. This is what is known as a "force multiplier."

To test this we provided four motorbikes last month. That's one of them below at a US-Afghan patrol base. The results have been great. Read here.

ALP using_motorbike_500x

Yesterday, we talked to the Army Captain who leads the Special Operations team yesterday. He told us, "the dirt bikes drive the insurgents crazy." Two more dirt bikes are needed to provide coverage for the entire area served by this US team and their Afghan Police.

Contribute here to help us buy the dirt bikes. 100% of your donation will go toward the purchase of the bikes. Here are the dirt bikes we would like to buy.

two dirt_bikes

If you like the idea of helping our troops or you like the idea of supporting the Afghans who are standing up for their security or you want to drive the insurgents crazy, please give now. Even $10 will help us reach the goal of $2,650.

Thank you for your support!

The Spirit of America Team

No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense or its personnel is intended or implied.