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Hospital Supplies for Afghanistan

Provide Vital Medical Supplies
hospital one

Members of Phoenix V on a 9/11 midnight patrol

When troops serving with the Coalition Joint Task Force Phoenix V serving in Kabul, Afghanistan asked their local interpreters to help identify a potential outreach project that would represent a non-biased, Afghan approach to what the community needs the most, every interpreter came back with the same suggestion--the Ibnisina Emergency Hospital. With your help, SoA will provide critical supplies from necessary medical equipment to basic items like stethescopes to improve the conditions and capabilities at this vital hospital in one of the busiest and poorest parts of Kabul.

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Original Request

"This correspondence is in response to your inquiry regarding the description of one, or two, of our projects. Currently, our office is directly involved in (or facilitating) over sixty humanitarian projects across the nation. Choosing one is a difficult task considering that not choosing one is (kind of) a decsion to priortize one group of human beings over another. However, one project does stand out as being one of the neediest and as the one that has the potential to reach the most people. Once we’ve described what we do, we’ll go back to that project. Our team deals with implementing “non-kinetic” (non-lethal) missions, in our Area of Operations, that contribute to the success of the Task Force’s overall mission in Afghanistan. All of our endeavors are designed to improve quality of life and/or aleviate the pressures of warfighting for the people of this country. Our mission is to teach the Afghan National Army to help and comfort their countrymen (and women) in an effort to win their trust and support. A residual effect of our efforts is that the people recognize the American mentorship of their army. This recognition translates into reduced agression towards our forces which increases overall force protection in our operational areas. So, supporting one of our projects serves the dual purpose of supporting the Afghan people and supporting/protecting our soldiers. About a month ago, we asked our interpreters to provide us with a small list of potential projects. The idea was that the list would represent a non-biased, Afghan approach to what the community needs the most. Every interpreter came back with the same suggestion. They all suggested the Ibnisina Emergency Hospital.

hospital two

Standard hospital room at Ibnisina Hospital

Ibnisina is situated in one of the busiest, and poorest, parts of Kabul. None of us have ever seen anything in the States to compare it to. One of our soldiers did say that his impression of the facility was something akin to what he imagined the inside of a Turkish prison might look like. We are sending some pictures... to better illustrate the point. The staff at Ibnisina generated a list of items they need to treat patients. We are including a scan of the list as an attachement to this correspondence. Our plan is to stabilize Ibnisina through the completion of several projects and provide them with contact resources to sustain long term operations.

hospital three

Patient care at Ibnisina Emergency Hospital

Currently, proposed projects for the facility include roof repair, retrofitting the electrical and plumbing systems, updating medical systems and machines, stock-piling medical supplies and providing medical training. We have some funding streams available to pay for part of the stabiliztion. We feel the largest need, in the range you mentioned, is "non-perishable" medical supplies that the facility can use through-out the stabilization process. The availability of those supplies will "buy" our team time to research/identify a an organization interested in a long-term support relationship with Ibnisina.

It is our view that devoting resources to this project will influence the lives of thousands of Afghans through improved health care, increase positive public opinion of the Afghan Army and (by association) our own soldiers (which improves our force protection posture). The project will also pay, obvious, economic dividends for local contractors, laborers and vendors. We hope this information helps illustrate our mission in Afghanistan and provides you with a clear picture of what we intend to accomplish at Ibnisina Emergency Hospital. Any member of our team is at your disposal for further clarification. All of us thank you for your interest in our operation. We also, appreciate the amazing generousity of the work Spirit of America does in Afghanistan."

Submitted by: Major Robert Fraser, U.S. Army

Major Kenneth S. Pons, U.S. Army

Sergeant First Class, Spencer Martin, U.S. Army

Staff Sergeant Paul Schweitzer, U.S. Army


This project is fully funded. Thank you.

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2 ECG Machines, 10 ENT diagnostic sets, 30 blood pressure cuffs and 50 stethoscopes were purchased and distributed. Total donations $10,797. Total spent $12,149. Transferred $1,352 from Project #103-Medical Library to cover the balance.

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