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Help Afghans Prepare for the Winter Months

US Coalition Forces help combat harsh winter conditions
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Afghan Security Force personnel at a checkpoint

As the winter months approach and the temperature begins to drop, Afghan Uniform Police are still outside protecting Afghan villagers. Here in Maiwand District, there are 350 policemen who work out of 15 different checkpoints. As the nighttime comes in, these policemen don't have much to keep them warm. This is why Spirit of America is partnering up with a Coalition Forces Training Team to provide 350 blankets to help the AUP, and in return be more successful in the security they provide.

As a Training Team member told us "While they have some hard structures at these checkpoints, it is not as though they are insulated or without their issues to prevent the cold night air from coming in."

With your help, the AUP will be able to get a good night of rest before they are back out on the job, protecting the people of Afghanistan.

*$2,157 from the 68,000 Remember campaign was used to support this project.

What does your donation buy?

  • $58 buys 10 blankets
  • $291 buys 50 blankets
  • $873 buys 150 blankets
  • $2047 buys all 350 blankets

This project is fully funded. Thank you.

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$2,037 was used to purchase 350 fleece blankets.

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