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Clinic Serving Patients From Many Villages

Help a Civil Affairs Team provide solar panel lights
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Field Rep. Chrissy Burbach poses with some of the clinic staff and a Civil Affairs Team personnel

A small clinic in a northern district of Kandahar Province has a limited staff of a doctor, nurse, and pharmacist yet they treat several hundred patients a month to include men, women, and children. The facility has no electricity so the employees have asked for a few solar panel lights to be installed for illumination after dark. Right now they are using flashlights, but it is not sufficient to see emergency patients who arrive in the middle of the night. Also, by having some more light, they could process reports and complete administrative tasks in the evening. With winter quickly approaching, it becomes pitch black these days usually before 6 PM.

Spirit of America is working with a Civil Affairs Team in the area to help provide the necessary equipment in order for the clinic staff to see more people and improve the level of care. The goal is to purchase 3 panels to provide lighting for three rooms plus a few sets of outlets for running a couple of small electrical items.

With your support, the clinic will be able to treat more villagers and give them the help they seek.

What does your donation buy?

  • $520 buys one solar panel complete with battery, wiring, light fixture, and outlet
  • $1,040 buys two solar panels complete with accessories
  • $1,560 buys all three panels with necessary parts

This project is fully funded. Thank you.

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Spirit of America purchased 3 solar panels for $1,560 (includes labor).

Use of Funds

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