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Help Afghan Families with Clean Water

Support the mission of the US Army in Afghanistan
Afghan Girls

Afghan girls in rural district of Kandahar

For Afghans in arid Southern Afghanistan, life revolves around the use of water for agriculture, livestock and human consumption. Unfortunately, water for human consumption is often from unclean sources. Dirty water systematically causes health problems for Afghans throughout all stages of their lives.

To combat these health problems and support the emergence of a more productive society, Spirit of America is teaming with civil-military partners in Kandahar to launch an exciting new project to bring clean, healthy drinking water to Afghan families in Kandahar province. The project is designed around a water-purification unit called the Lifestraw Family. The Lifestraw Family uses a mechanical-filtration technology that has a proven record of successful use in areas such as India, Pakistan and Central African countries.

Please help Spirit of America and Coalition Forces improve the health of Afghans. A healthier population expands productivity in all areas of life and contributes to overall safer and more secure communities.

What does your donation buy?

  • $25 buys 1 Lifestraw Family unit
  • $250 buys 10 Lifestraw Family units
  • $3,125 buys all 125 Lifestraw Family units

Project Information

lifestraw family


Because the Lifestraw Family uses a filtration system that does not ever need to be replaced, it will supply an average Afghan family with enough clean drinking water for 3 or more years. Use and maintenance of the unit is simple and virtually hassle-free, simple enough that even children can operate the filter. This combination of factors helps encourage adoption of the device for daily use.



This project is fully funded. Thank you.

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Spirit of America purchased 125 LifeStraw water filters and covered shipping costs for a total of $3,125.

Use of Funds

We are a 501c3 nonprofit and your donation is tax deductible. 100% of all project donations will be used for direct project expenses (i.e., purchase and shipping of the needed goods and services). We do not deduct fees or expenses for organization overhead. Those expenses are funded separately. Donations in excess of a project's need will be offered a refund.


No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense or its personnel is intended or implied.