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Soldiers Help Bring Light to Afghan Security

Help strengthen the local Afghan Police
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US Troop and Afghan Police

Soldiers serving in the Maiwand District need your help to get the Local Afghan Police to stand-up and take charge of certain operations. The only way that the Afghan Police can function without supervision of the United States is if we give them the tools necessary to do so. For this local Police Unit, operating in the dark has become an everyday thing and is stopping them from being able to identity who is entering their communities.

The troops based in the Maiwand District are asking for Spirit of America to provide spotlights and flashlights for checkpoints, which will allow the Afghan Police to easily identify persons at night. The safety of these towns in Afghanistan depends on the local Police Unit, and they must be able to function properly at all times. Our goal is to make each town as safe as possible for the locals living there and for the US troops stationed in these areas.

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$473.52 was used to purchase 24 spotlights and 24 flashlights for the local Afghan Police.

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