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Sewing Machines for Women in Africa

Provide Opportunities for Kenyan Women
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Women using their sewing machines

The US Army Civil Affairs Team working in Garissa, Kenya has a mandate to counterattack the influence of violent extremist organizations and the team sees supporting education, women's education in particular, a key way to fight extremist ideology. Educated women provide better nutrition, health care, and education to their families. Army 1LT Jeffrey Moye in cooperation with a local organization, Womankind Kenya, seeks your help in supporting vocational training for women by providing 10 sewing machines for its efforts to give women a skill they can use to support themselves.

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Original Request

1LT Moye's message to request the sewing machines, he shared that, " In addition [to providing a much needed skill] educated women would mean having fewer children and lower rates of maternal mortality compared to those women with little or no education. The result is the entire community benefits.

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Womankind Kenya started off as an orphanage for girls escaping from child marriages and expanded to a school for the orphanage and 450 additional girls from the Garissa community, vocational training for men and women, and fighting Female Genital Mutilation through awareness campaigns, amongst other activities. The Garissa Civil Affairs Team sees Womankind Kenya as a key partner in their area deserving of support as they work to provide solutions for their own challenges."

Spirit of America is working to purchase the sewing machines through a vendor in Nairobi which will further benefit the local community.


This project is fully funded. Thank you.

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10 sewing machines were purchased from a local African vendor and distributed. Total donations $661.

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