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Radios Help Marines Open Minds

Hand-crank radios help connect people in rural areas
radio marine_boy_620

 US Marine demonstrates the hand crank radio

Under the rule of the Taliban, the Afghan people had almost no access to information besides what the Taliban told them. Our troops are on the ground in Helmand Province, Afghanistan fighting to change that.

The Marines have identified the need for handheld radios to hand out in remote areas and villages so that those people have real access to information. This will help to defeat the Taliban by providing Afghans a connection to the outside world and access to true information.

Marines Lieutenant Ben Gardner, deployed to Helmand Province said, "With the ongoing focus of pushing security to villages on the edge of the security bubble the radio broadcasts are a very beneficial tool in establishing constant messaging with everyone."

Your donation will directly purchase these needed radios, and help the Marines win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people.

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