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Support Livestock Health & Security in West Africa

A US team counters extremism by helping people help themselves
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With help from Spirit of America and a US team, local men go into business solving their villages' biggest problem: livestock health

The US Army Civil Affairs Team in Mauritania is seeking to counter the influence of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), particularly in the isolated communities of eastern Mauritania, close to the border with Mali. The health, safety, and stability of these communities is currently under severe pressure from multiple threats, the most critical of which is the escalating fight against Islamic extremism in neighboring Mali. The impact of this conflict and the tens of thousands of refugees it has created, coupled with severe long term drought, has created significant food shortages that make this a particularly vulnerable area. The US Army Team accomplishes their counter-extremism mission by providing desperately needed humanitarian assistance to some of the most threatened villages in eastern Mauritania. They're focused on increasing food supplies -- by providing livestock & veterinary assistance -- that will result in more milk, more meat and more income for these poor communities.

What does your donation buy?

  • $86 buys essential deworming medication for 50 heads of cattle
  • $318 buys the veterinary equipment starter kit for one veterinarian auxiliary
  • $1,121 for 2 weeks of training for one veterinarian auxiliary

Project Information

Mauritania Mali_map_250x Location of Mauritania, W. Africa

In Mauritania the US team is building seven "Livestock Treatment and Vaccination Facilities" in key villages. These facilities are big corrals that make it possible for veterinarians to treat lots of animals (e.g., cattle, goats). At each of the seven locations, Spirit of America is building on the work of the US Army by providing funding to train and equip "Veterinary Auxiliaries" -- community vets who are able to make money by providing veterinary services in local villages. We've contracted with an agency of the Mauritanian government to provide the training. We also negotiated with a French pharmaceutical company to provide the vets with free de-worming medications and to fund A/B testing to demonstrate the value of livestock medications.

This region is isolated and dangerous, a "humanitarian vacuum" with little or no assistance from international aid agencies. Help us to support this US Army team working to increase security and food supplies for Mauritania.

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Young men work as livestock herders in eastern Mauritania



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Spirit of America covered the cost of hiring and training the new veterinarians, including lodging and food. Veterinary equipment kit (syringes, drenching guns, castrating shears, etc) were purchased for each vet, as well as a drug package set, enough for them to kick-start their business. Total spent on this project was $60,025.

Use of Funds

We are a 501c3 nonprofit and your donation is tax deductible. 100% of all project donations will be used for direct project expenses (i.e., purchase and shipping of the needed goods and services). We do not deduct fees or expenses for organization overhead. Those expenses are funded separately. Donations in excess of a project's need will be offered a refund.


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