In the world’s toughest places, we provide what America’s troops and diplomats say is needed to help local people.


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The Spirit of America Team



Jim Hake
Chief Executive Officer

Field Operations Staff

Zack Bazzi
Middle East Field Operations Manager

Chris Clary
Asia-Pacific Field Operations Manager

Nicholette Doliva
Latin America Field Operations Manager

Isaac Eagan
Director of Field Operations

Christopher VanJohnson
Africa Field Operations Manager


Board of Directors

James Papineau
CEO, Empirican
Independent Board Member
Start Date: March 2014

Michael Bigham
Partner, Abingworth Management
Independent Board Member
Start Date: June 2013

Jim Hake
CEO, Spirit of America
Start Date: June 2003

Don Karl
Partner, Perkins Coie
Independent Board Member
Start Date: April 2006

Advisory Board

Colonel (Ret.) Stu Bradin
CEO, Global SOF Foundation

Paul Brinkley
CEO & Co-Founder, NAWAH

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Charles Cleveland

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Michael Flynn
Flynn Intel Group

Dr. Kimberly Kagan
President, Institute for the Study of War

General (Retired) Jack Keane

Dr. David Kilcullen
President and CEO, Caerus Associates

James Locher III
Former President and CEO, Project on National Security Reform

Clare Lockhart
Co-Founder & Director, Inst. for State Effectiveness

LTC (Retired) Scott Mann
Founder & Director, The Stability Institution

General Jim Mattis, USMC Retired

General (Retired) Stanley McChrystal

Nicco Mele
Founder, EchoDitto

Dr. John Nagl
Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security

Admiral (Ret.) Eric Olson
United States Navy (Retired)

Linda Robinson
Senior Intl. Policy Analyst, RAND Corporation

Dr. Kori Schake
Research Fellow, Hoover Institution

Hon. George P. Shultz
Former U.S. Secretary of State

Ambassador Nancy Soderberg
Distinguished Scholar, Univ. of North Florida

General (Ret.) Gordon Sullivan
President and CEO, Assoc. of the US Army



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