In the world’s toughest places, we provide what America’s troops and diplomats say is needed to help local people.


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Financial Information


Spirit of America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Organization
Our Federal Tax ID is 20-1687786



Spirit of America Tax Returns (Form 990):

Cyber Century Forum

From August 2003 to November 2004 Spirit of America operated under the auspices of Cyber Century Forum. Spirit of America maintained entirely separate finances and Cyber Century Forum did not fund Spirit of America.

For tax reporting purposes, finances were combined to comply with Internal Revenue Service filing requirements. The following consolidated tax returns have been completed inclusive of Spirit of America's financial statements by Cyber Century Forum.

other documents related to CCF's tax-exempt status and SoA's relationship with CCF:

PCI Compliance

Spirit of America has met the necessary requirements set by the PCI Security Standards Council. All of our payment acceptance and processing are entirely outsourced to PCI DSS validated third-party service provider (PayPal).



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