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Najaf Teaching Hospital

Provide Critical Central Cardiac Monitoring System

Dr. Safaa , Director of Najaf Teaching Hospital, with one of the many cardiac patients

Iraq's health system is in poor condition, wrecked not only by war but by decades of neglect and corruption. The Iraqi medical community and Coalition Forces are working to reverse the years of decline and restore vital medical services to the people of Iraq. The Army 415st located in Najaf, Iraq has asked for your help in improving conditions at the Najaf Teaching Hospital in the Holy City of Najaf, Iraq by supplying a Central Cardiac Monitoring System.

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History of the Hospital

The state of health care in Iraq has deteriorated steadily for the last thirty years. Many medical centers are in need of repair and most lack even the most basic equipment and supplies. In addition, medical care was locked in a time warp because doctors were discouraged or forbidden to attend meetings or obtain updated journals under Saddam's reign.The Najaf Teaching Hospital is a prime example of what has gone wrong, but also a beacon of hope for what can be with a little initiative and the proper funding. Not only will this initiative, coordinated by SSgt. Robin McIvor, care for the health of the local population but it will also provide a critical training component for future generations of Iraqi doctors.The Najaf Teaching Hospital is a 420-bed hospital in the Holy City of Najaf, Iraq. The hospital was in complete disrepair in August, 2004. The Mahdi Militia had occupied it for 5 months and used it for a military headquarters. Local medical professionals in cooperation with Coalition Forces, particularly the Army 451st Battalion, are committed to completely rehabilitating the hospital by August 2006. This hospital was and will be again the farthest South Teaching Hospital in Iraq.

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Najaf Teaching Hospital The hospital currently evaluates and treats approximately 1000 outpatients a day. The hospital is functioning out of the First Floor only during the rebuilding process with 80 inpatient and 20 emergency room beds available. In addition, there are 150 undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Medicine and Pharmacy services at the hospital. Providing top-notch training using modern equipment to the next generation of Iraqi doctors is vital to the ongoing improvement of health care in this country.

SSgt. Robin McIvor introduced Spirit of America to the hospital and the desperate need for a Central Cardiac Monitoring System. The hospital has 16 cardiac care beds without any central monitoring system. Dr. Safaa, Director, reports that they treat a large number of cardiac cases because of the stress the Iraqi people face from the unstable security situation. The hospital is fortunate to have a Cardiothoracic specialist in residence but without the proper equipment, there is a limit to the level of care that is provided. June 1st, 2006 Contributions: $13,917 Program Expenses: $40,047 Balance Remaining: - $26,130* Seven cardiac monitors and one microscope were purchased for this important teaching hospital in Iraq. The staff has been trained and the monitors are in use. *In order to fill this request quickly, money was pulled (temporarily) from the Project Fund. We are still seeking donor support so that money can be returned to the Project Fund.


This project is fully funded. Thank you.

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7 cardiac monitors and one microscope were purchased and distributed. Total donations $15,217. Total spent $40,052. Transferred $24,835 from Project Fund to cover balance.

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