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Medical Books Arrive in Afghanistan

Army Captain Frederick Jackson reports that the first medical books have arrived at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan. These books will be used by the El Salam Egyptian Military Hospital (at Bagram) and by doctors and nurses throughout Afghanistan.

COL Richard Trotta (USMIL Surgeon) and COL Shaaban (Commander of the Egyptian Hospital)

The medical library is taking shape, but many more books are needed. You can make a difference by purchasing a book from Amazon today, or by making a donation. Please click here to visit the project page and take action.

Below is Captain Jackson's email (edited for length) concerning the first delivery of books. If you would like to post a comment for Captain Jackson to read, please use the "comments" link at the bottom of this message. And remember to visit the project page and buy a book today.

Message from Captain Jackson
Dear SoA,

Today we made our first delivery of what we hope to become the basis of a Library of Medical Reference Books for the Afghan Medical Professionals in and around the Bagram Area.

The next training program starts in Oct when a new group of Doctors and Nurses will begin matriculation at the Egyptian Hospital.

Our Afghan Medical Capacity Assessment Committee is working hard to identify hospitals and medical professionals and asking them, "What do you need to be successful?"

Building that competency within the Afghan Medical System is a job halfway done, as demonstrated by the Afghan desire to take charge of their country and destiny.

We are moving from a guiding, to a supporting role here.  It is my personal hope that one day I can come back to Afghanistan and see an Allied, free nation, living in peace.

I want to thank SoA and all those who have donated thus far. Putting the right tools in the hands of those who want to build will go a long way to ensuring that the Afghan people have a nation they can be proud of, and give all of us who have served here the satisfaction of knowing we've advanced the cause of free peoples.

No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense or its personnel is intended or implied.