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Letters from Young Iraqi Students

History shows that change in a political process is championed through the efforts of the country's young adults. But little is being reported from the minds of Iraq's young adult population. The school partners program is fortunate to be close to the thoughts and dreams of many of Iraq's young population. Here are some excerpts of letters sent to American students from two teenage Iraqi boys- Unedited: Dear guys Sa'ad is my name. I'm from Basra in Iraq; do you have any ideas about my country? I now it's so famous on the news; but it's not always truth. In the school we always talk about the situation in Iraq and we ask our self's what the people say about Iraq when they see the T.V news? But remember guys not every thing on T.V is truth. I'm looking forward to get your latter. Hi Internet operator is my dream in this life; I had spent long hours facing the computer screen. It's so wonderful that time when you make friends on the chat or other ways on the network, Oh. I start talking before introduce my self, I'm Fawaz. I'm Iraqi from the best city in Iraq, I'm from Basra. We are from mate and how old are you? And do you have any great website you can teal me about? Catch you soon gentlemen.

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